One of the questions I have received from Sellers are “I have two showing requests for the same time. What do I do?!” And the answer is very simple…Just tell them “Yes!” Selling Agents understand that they might not be the only ones looking at a home at any particular time. There is an unwritten rule to wait until the other Agent has completed their viewing before beginning their showings. You should also keep in mind this process could increase the time frame for showings while you plan out your day.


Before you list your home one of the questions you should discuss with your family is how you want to schedule Agents coming to show your home. You will need to leave your home for every showing to give the potential buyers a chance to take in all the amazing things your home has to offer. In terms of advanced notice, we recommend agents giving a minimum 2-hour notice to show but we can also opt of any time allotment based on your schedule! We want to work with you to make sure buyers are getting in and your life is as minimally disturbed as possible.


Living in your home while you are on the market can sometimes be overwhelming. But we are here to help guide you through this process. Our best suggestions to keep your home show ready is to keep your home to a 10-minute clean. If there is a last-minute showing request that you would like to accommodate, knowing your home is just 10 minutes away from being ready will greatly lower your stress of trying to leave.


Written by:

Shaina Christie, Listing Manager